Organizers and partners

Partners of the Slovenian entrepreneurship ecosystem helped us design a programme comparable to other accelerators in Europe. We have designed the accelerator in such a way that the business team can give 110 % of its focus to globalization and fast growth of their company.

The program is part of the Initiative Start: up Slovenia, led by the Technology Park Ljubljana and in strategic partnership with Venture factory. 


Technology Park Ljubljana

Technology Park Ljubljana provides a high quality supportive and stimulating business environment for developing top-level technological entrepreneurship. It has been active since 1995 and is connecting more than 290 companies under its wing.

Technology Park Ljubljana entered into a strategic partnership with Venture Factory in 2011, which made it the co-carrier of the PODIM programmes, platform Start:up Slovenia and competition Start:up of the year. This strategic collaboration also resulted in additional national programmes (Start:up GeekHouse and Go:Global Slovenia).  


Venture factory, Business Incubator of University of Maribor

Venture Factory, business incubator of the University of Maribor, is part of the innovation ecosystem RAZ:UM. The services of the university incubator are primarily meant for commercializing business ideas of students, researchers and professors of the university as well as ideas of other innovative individuals.

Venture Factory is the leading partner of the international business conference PODIM and the national platform Start:up Slovenia with the competition Start:up of the year, organised in collaboration with partners. In 2011, it entered into a strategic partnership with Technology Park Ljubljana, which made the latter a co-carrier of the programmes mentioned above. They also developed additional national programmes in collaboration (Start:up Geek House andGo:Global Slovenia).


Development centre for information and communication technologies

The Development Centre for Information and Communication Technologies (DC ICT) is a technology park with a business incubator and a clear vision of becoming the first choice for business development of information and communication technologies in the region. 

Primorska Technology Park

Technology Park Primorska is a stimulating business environment for innovative companies, ambitious individuals and groups, who are developing new products and services with high value added. It provides a comprehensive infrastructure and business programmes for company growth, development and internationalization.

Pomurje Technology Park

Technology Park Pomurje is a centre for innovative and knowledge-based companies in Pomurje. It offers help with applicative development of new products and services as well as with launch and internationalization of companies. It collaborates with external partners to provide an expert multi-disciplinary approach and guarantee the quality of its services.

Regional Development Center

RCR is a regional development agency coordinating interests in the field of regional development, economy, encouragement of entrepreneurship and development of human resources in the Zasavje region. It uses a modern developmentally supported environment to encourage economic development of newly founded and already established companies of the region.

Incubator of the Savinja region

Incubator of the Savinja region encourages, promotes and implements programmes of support to innovative entrepreneurship in the Savinja region.