About Go:Global Slovenia accelerator

Launching a start-up is no easy task. Achieving the global growth of any start-up is even harder. Obstacles include major capital requirements, a large number of competent members of staff, entering unfamiliar foreign markets and the need for a variety of professional company organisation skills.

Most companies encounter difficulties precisely at the point of global growth. The Go:Global Slovenia entrepreneurial accelerator is the answer to all key challenges posed by the rapid global growth of start-ups. It offers start-ups that have already found their "product-market fit" all the elements they need to successfully embark on rapid global growth.

The Go:Global Slovenia entrepreneurial accelerator comprises:

  • An EUR 200,000 public equity investment (in cooperation with the Slovene Enterprise Fund and the SK200 product), allowing the company to begin expanding to foreign markets, embark on further product development and fund operations until it secures the next round of funding provided by venture capital funds.
  • An investment readiness programme, where entrepreneurs will learn everything they need to know about equity financing, drafting tender applications, and also get to know private investors and attract private equity.
  • Go:Global for Growth, a vast and systematic accompanying programme of training and educational contents with experienced Slovenian and international entrepreneurs, who aim to help recipients of public funds professionally organise their company and achieve global growth.
  • A personal start-up mentor experienced in the field of global growth, who can help the entrepreneurial team with strategic decisions, international contacts and breaking through to international markets.
  • Comprehensive administrative assistance aimed at tackling the reports and other administrative activities that any equity investment carries, allowing the entrepreneurial team to focus completely on their global breakthrough and rapid growth. Administrative assistance is provided by the entrepreneurial advisor allocated to the company.
  • Infrastructure in Slovenia provided by incubators and technology parks, which is partially subsidised and ensures the entrepreneurial team is integrated into a community and other additional programmes. Belonging to a community provides the entrepreneurial team with an additional source of motivation and allows the exchange of know-how.
  • Investor networking, including both domestic and foreign venture capital funds and hubs, all aimed at acquiring an equity investment.
  • Active promotion both in Slovenia and abroad, in the form of media recognition, assistance in making contacts, marketing, and drafting promotional materials. We also help incubated companies with their professional presence on foreign markets.

Anyone fulfilling the following conditions can join the accelerator programme:

  • You have proven the value hypothesis of your innovative idea on the market
  • You have a private investor on board, are currently in discussions with private investors or have the confidence that you will attract one at the demo day organised by the accelerator (a 20% private co-investment is a condition for any public investment)
  • You generate a minimum of EUR 50,000 from your innovative idea
  • Your ambitions include rapid global growth any need further capital
  • You must dedicate 100% of your working day to making your idea a reality
  • You must be prepared to work according to state-of-the-art entrepreneurial methods
  • You have founded a company in the Republic of Slovenia[1]

If you have not yet confirmed your value hypothesis (your idea is not yet present on the market), the Start:up Geek House accelerator may be right for you.

Here are the seven main reasons to join:

  • Thorough investment readiness process (no traps or withheld information)
  • A EUR 200,000 equity investment of public funds
  • Assistance in finding a Slovenian or international private investor
  • Intensive systematic educational programme for global growth
  • One-on-one start-up mentor (only the most experienced experts)
  • Personal advisor and assistance in drafting reports and keeping administration
  • International involvement, recognition and assistance in establishing international contacts

[1] Additional conditions for acquiring funding are specified in the relevant documentation

The Go:Global Slovenia entrepreneurial accelerator provides everything you need to begin rapid international expansion - including capital, know-how and international connections.