Modri planet Ltd.

Company Modri planet has developed a comprehensive system for gathering geospatial information from air and analysing it as well as converting it into exact 3D models. The solution consists of a pilotless drone that takes pictures of the chosen terrain from the air, and the photogrammetric programme 3Dsurvey that transforms the obtained 2D photographs into exact ortophoto plans, point clouds and digital 3D models of the terrain by using computer vision algorithms.

The company Modri planet emphasises that the 3Dsurvey programme had been developed “by geodesists for geodesists” as it offers geodesists a way to analyse data completely automatically as well as quickly, simply and efficiently investigate and gather geospatial information. Geodesists’ everyday work is thus made significantly easier, while they can also use the obtained data to make construction plans and geodetic calculations, study flood areas and other potentially dangerous regions from air or, for example, calculate the volume of rubble or excavated material. Throughout the development, the team Modri planet carried out more than 200 projects that helped them discover the true needs of geodesists, and implemented them into the programme. At the same time they upgraded them with certain functionalities, such as volume calculation, automated calculation of GCPs, plotting vertical profiles, enquiries about the height at the cloud point, correcting the digital model of the terrain and others that the competitive products don’t have.

Chipolo Ltd.

Chipolo is a smart designer device that helps users search for and find important misplaced or lost items, such as keys, wallet, computer or purse. Children or pets can also be equipped with it. The chip, which connects with a mobile phone via a Bluetooth 4.0 connection, is simply attached, stuck or put onto or into the chosen items. The user can then monitor its distance via a free mobile app or command it to make a sound in order to find the item more easily. The app also notifies the user if the chip goes out of range or returns into it.

Up to nine items equipped with the Chipolo pendant can be attached to your smartphone. You can also find a misplaced or lost smartphone with it by simply shaking the device. The phone will start ringing if you are in the range of 60 meters. On the other hand, the Chipolo Network also allows you to find items outside a certain range if another Chipolo user is near the lost device, as the app will automatically notify the device owner about the whereabouts of the lost item. The Chipolo device has collected more than $297,000 on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in October 2013. It was
backed by more than 5,300 users and the company collected the set goal of $15,000 in mere 17 hours. Company Chipolo has sold more than 40,000 products from December 2013 to September 2014 by collecting pre-orders and, later on, orders. According to the inbuilt application analytics from February 2014, more than 15,000 users from all over the world use the product regularly.

Fileldo Ltd.

Fieldoo is an online professional sports network, connecting a wide network of athletes and helping to find opportunities, exchange knowledge and ideas with known contacts as well as enabling teammates and football friends to connect.

It's a high-tech product that uses a bunch of algorithms to range and connect a two-sided market of users. Fieldoo brings together football players on the one hand and agents, scouts and clubs on the other. Agents need players for the development of their business and are always on the prowl for rough football diamonds, while a player needs an agent to transfer to another club and make progress in his career. 

Optilab Analytics Ltd.

Admiral on Demand is a cloud product of Optilab Analytics, enabling detection and effective management of complex insurance fraud. Due to fraud, insurance companies lose between 10 % and 18 % of their income for damages that cost the European sector of property insurance approximately 29 billion EUR per year. Only the sector of car insurance in Europe could realistically eliminate 7 billion EUR worth of fraud.

Admiral supports all activities of the fraud management process, from detecting fraud to saving money. The value added is automatic detection of organized fraud, which is in the category of the most expensive fraud. At the same time, the product helps the insurance company prevent fraud and establish a process of learning and adapting to the ever-changing tactics of fraudsters. 


Ledcom developed a system of magnet accessories XVIDA, making any tablet or mobile phone more functional. XVIDA mounts and stands, which already excited users on the Kickstarter platform, increase the functionality of devices in many situations –when driving, cycling, working at home or in the office. The innovative magnet mechanism allows for safe and simple installation as well as offers a fast and reliable way of wirelessly charging devices.

Customers are mostly searching for smart accessories that improve the basic functions of mobile devices and enable their use in different activities: play, music, photography, sport, navigation etc. These activities also use up the most battery. 
They developed the XVIDA system – a collection of accessories that can be used with any mobile device and are compatible with a large collection of magnet mounts for home, car, bike etc. The main innovation is a magnet interface that is completely simple to install on different surfaces and thus significantly increases the usage of mobile devices.

CEO: Uroš Čadež

Aquaponics refers to a synergy in breeding fish and plants, where plants obtain nourishment from fish excretions while at the same time using microbes to clean the water that fish live in. Ponika is one of the first five aquaponic companies in Europe, developing the Ponnod systems or self-cleaning fish farms that enable producers and urban hobby gardeners to cultivate vegetables anywhere, with 90 % less water and natural nourishment.

Consumers respond to more and more things by trying to find ways of self supply, that is ways of gardening at home, but they face problems because despite their desire to do gardening on the terrace, balcony or roof, they lack both the knowledge of cultivation and sufficient soil.

Ponnod, big industrial and home aquaponic systems, has numerous advantages compared to conventional ways of cultivation, such as up to 90 % lower water consumption and up to twice bigger yield as well as faster plant growth. Additionally, aquaponic technology is the optimal technology for cultivating food in urban environments and environments with bad soil, because it doesn't depend on natural substrate. Fish food is thus used twice, as 1 kg of fish food makes it possible to breed up to 1.6 kg of fresh fish for eating and 9 kg of vegetables.

CEO: dr. Maja Turnšek Hančič

Personalized 100% natural cosmetics AlpStories that everyone can design depending on their tastes and under their personal brand. The developed and functional business model wishes to give the best experience to cosmetics users in the B2C segment and companies in the B2B segment.

An innovative approach to creating a personalized product allows customers to adapt it according to their personal needs and enables them to co-create a product. The process begins in the web store, where customers get recommendations on natural ingredients that suit their profile. Immediately after concluding the purchase with help of robot Baltazar (mini cosmetics manufacture), they create their own line of unique cosmetic products. They choose a unique label and thus create their own personal brand of cosmetics.

CEO: Danijel Hubman