Private investors - Venture capital companies

RSG Kapital

RSG Capital is a venture-capital management company. Its mission is to fill the equity gap or the lack of financial resources faced by companies in the early stages of their development. RSG Capital's team is highly experienced and possesses broad complementary knowledge, which has enabled the company to establish itself as a competent and reliable partner to start-up companies, and as an important factor in stimulating business and the development of venture capital markets in the region.


1,5 milion €

Silicon Gardens

Silicon Gardens Fund’s aim is to help startup founders grow their teams, ideas and businesses at the very beginning of their journey and enable them to compete on an international stage. Its principal investors are young entrepreneurs themselves and will be actively involved in helping the portfolio companies.


The Fund invests €20,000 to €40,000 in cash for 5% – 15% equity share.


Design Forward Program provides seed funding, product, identity, ux, web, and brand design, as well as the launch support. Everything you need to get started. Your product can be in physical or digital form or a service. In any case we expect you to have global ambition, a clear business idea and passion for what you do.


20.000 €

DTK Murka

DTK Murka, Venture Capital Company Ltd. was founded in 2010 with the aim of venture capital investment, targeted micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).



ZernikeMeta Ventures

ZernikeMeta Ventures (ZMV), holding company specializing in finance for innovation and new businesses creation, is an Italian-Dutch joint venture between Zernike Group and META Group both having decades of experience in early stage finance. Since 1987, Zernike and META have managed more than 200 million euro for the seed and start-up financing, investing between 200,000 and 1,000,000 euro in more than 250 companies and getting returns higher than the European sector average with 180 exits. ZMV manages, in Italy and abroad, seed funds and start-up capital addressing entrepreneurs with global ambitions and local roots.


From 200,000 to 1 milion €

S.T. Hammer

S.T. Hammer invests in shares of portfolio companies and investment funds, as well as real-estate project. The group´s total assets amount to EUR 16 million and equity EUR 10 million. With our top-qualified personnel as well as flexible infrastructure and organisation, we will continue to evaluate, finance, and develop the potential of new, inventive entrepreneurial ideas.


From 5 to 15 milion €