Step 2 - Investment readiness programme

The investment readiness programme is an intensive two-day programme that allows the entrepreneurs to get their company investment-ready with the help of relevant experts - both from the perspective of strategy, investment documentation, familiarity with investment conditions, as well as from the perspective of the opportunity to pitch to Slovenian and foreign investors.

In addition to actively preparing the investment documentation and tender application, the company investment readiness programme comprises the following modules:

  • Overview of various sources of corporate financing
  • Differences between funding sources and detailed explanation of equity funding sources
  • Ownership, selling the company and other dilemmas
  • Appropriate ideas for equity funding
  • Company phase and investor metrics
  • The path to investment - from the first contact to signing the agreement
  • The documentation any investor expects
  • Business plan and financial projections
  • Typical conditions of equity funding
  • Company valuation
  • Pitching to investors
  • Communication with investors

The programme has the following goals:

Provide an in-depth understanding of equity corporate financing sources
Allow participants to determine which investments and financing sources are most appropriate for their companies
Gain insight into the activities and mentality of venture capital investors (including the state)
Fill-in the investment documentation
Master the skills needed to pitch one's business opportunity to investors

Cooperate with selected experts in drafting the investment documentation and preparing to pitch to potential investors.


Nazaj Naprej