Step 5 - The Go:Global for Growth training programme

Companies that succeed in winning a EUR 200,000 investment take part in the Go:Global for Growth intensive training programme. The programme provides a basic understanding of everything one needs for rapid global growth, both from the perspective of winning additional financial and human resources and from the perspective of company organisation, entering foreign markets and managing its growth.

The Go:Global for Growth programme comprises:

  • Company management - programme for preparing the company for rapid growth
  • Specialised workshops for expansion of the company abroad
  • Working visits abroad

The accelerator's training programme comprises systematic training meetings and practical work in particular business functions in cooperation with the most experienced entrepreneurial experts. The Go:Global for Growth programme is like a practical entrepreneurial MBA which covers state-of-the-art methods of building companies.

The programme covers all key areas of entrepreneurship. However, what is even more important, as part of the programme, entrepreneurs will acquire practical skills, allowing them to immediately implement the knowledge they acquire in their operations. The experts can of course actively assist and advise the entrepreneur in any implementation. The training programme of the Go:Global for Growth accelerator will provide the entrepreneur the opportunity to draft the relevant strategies, organise and implement the knowledge gained in the five fundamental business functions key for rapid global growth.

The programme covers the following business functions:

  • Vision, technology and strategic challengers
  • Organising one's company, processes and winning team
  • Marketing and sales team management strategies
  • Corporate financing and financing sources
  • Breaking through to foreign markets and preparing the company for growth

Each module entails the following contents:

1. Vision, technology and strategic challengers

This first module deals with technology trends, innovation approaches, developing the company's competences and technology as a key competitive advantage. The key role of the entrepreneur as a visionary and the motor of the company is presented. Within the module, entrepreneurs will actively work on developing a long-term strategy for their company and resolving strategic challenges.

2. Organising one's company, processes and winning team

This second module covers a completely different aspect of building any company, namely its organisation. This module focuses on building and managing the team, organising operations, modern corporate management methods, operational optimisation, introducing processes and formal competences into the company. The more the company develops and takes on new staff, the more company organisation is key. This module is the key module during which entrepreneurs will learn how to make the leap from a "garage" company to a professionally-organised company and team.

3. Marketing and sales team management strategies

In today's business environment, the challenge is no longer how to build an innovative product, but rather how to sell such an innovative product. In other words, the company's two main business functions are innovation and marketing. This module discusses marketing and sales in detail, focusing on sales strategies, presence, tactics of contacting potential customers, online marketing, etc.

4. Corporate financing and financing sources

This module therefore focuses on the company's financial function. It deals with everything from the financial statements, drafting financial plans, cash flow management, funding sources and ensuring company liquidity. The module details all types of funding sources, from "bootstrapping" to debt and equity financing.

5. Breaking through to foreign markets and preparing the company for growth

Considering the fact that the mentoring programme is aimed at companies aiming to operate on global markets, the last module deals with precisely this. At the training, the entrepreneurs will learn of various possibilities of global breakthrough, which also depend on the company's business and industry as some industries are fundamentally global, while others require a more traditional approach to global growth.

žRenown Slovenian and foreign entrepreneurs will be invited to each event, and will provide additional advice to entrepreneurs encountering specific problems. Thirty experiences start-up mentors (renown Slovenian and international entrepreneurs) operate within the accelerator, providing additional counselling to entrepreneurs in 30-minute sessions. This is one of the features of each working day.

In implementing the programs we work with the best startup performers:

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