Step 5 - List of GG for Growth lecturers

Kristjan Pecanac is an entrepreneur, mentor and technology expert who built the high-tech company Daisy Technologies Inc. He received a million-dollar investment from the Silicon Valley for this company as one of the first Slovenians. In his long career he has mentored and counselled more than 100 start-ups. Today he heads the Hekovnik start-up school and builds a community of high-tech start-ups in the field of ICT, which he helps win investments.
Matej Golob is a computer scientist who became drawn into the world of economics and finance. He received a scholarship and was the best student in his generation of E-MBA at CBS. He is a runner and a person with a can-do mindset. Since 2007 he has been obsessed with TED talks, and been a co-organiser of TEDx events since 2009. Matej, co-founder of 30Lean start-up, has from very early on been excited with new, bold and worthy ideas. He helps spread such ideas in his free time in the form of TEDx events, while he helps develop, verify and pivot such ideas in his professional capacity of Lean Startup mentor.
Robert Rolih is a marketing advisor who helps his customers ensure more effective marketing and sales. He counts more than 250 companies as his marketing advisory clients. He is also author of four books and over 300 articles. Her personally works with some of the best business experts in the world, such as Brian Tracy, Chet Holmes and Geoff Burch, and thus has access to state-of-the-art insights into marketing, sales and management. He is also the only Brian Tracy-certified coach in Europe.
Barbara S. Podlesnik graduated from the Ljubljana Faculty of Economics and acquired the title of Certified Accountant as part of her specialist training with the Slovenian Institute of Auditors. At Technology Park Ljubljana she provides counselling in business finance, takes part in company strategy development and acquiring finances for company growth. She constantly mixes business with pleasure - by creating unique ceramic items, organising creative clay workshops, and searching for opportunities for joint art projects.
Andraz Stalec is the director and co-founder of the Red Orbit agency, one of the few digital agencies in Europe that has obtained the Google Certified Trainer certificate. He is a regular guest of marketing conferences in Slovenia and abroad, an advisor to large companies and author of more than 100 articles on digital marketing. In 2009, Red Orbit won the Best Entrepreneurial Idea competition, and one year later, the company was one of the finalists of the Startup Slovenia competition. In four years, the company has grown from a start-up into one of Europe's best search engine marketing agencies.


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