Step 7 - Entrepreneurial advisor

After receiving an investment, the burden on a start-up in terms of reporting, administration, and communication with the expert panel, increases. The monitoring programme assigns an entrepreneurial councillor to each start-up to help draft reports, advise the company on promotion both at the Slovenian and international level, coordinate the expert council and provide general entrepreneurial advice.

Each company will be provided administrative, financial and promotional assistance by an experienced entrepreneurial advisor who will help draft reports, coordinate national and international promotion, the expert panel, and similar. This allows the team to focus on developing the business idea and successfully growing its business.

Our entrepreneurial advisor will oversee the development of your company and ensure your time is optimised:

Matej Rus  M.Sc.                                                        Urban Lapajne


Elvisa Basailovic                                                          Stanislava Vabsek

Jure Verhovnik                                                           Vera Nunic




Nazaj Naprej