19. 11. 2018 Nazaj na arhiv

Greenomed/Vanguard bilateral meetings in Ljubljana

Valentina Pinna and SRIP TOP (Factories of the future) director Rudi Pajntar
Valentina Pinna and SRIP Susuainable Tourism representative Katarina Ceglar

On 14. and 15. of November 2018 Technology park Ljubljana had the privilege to host Ms. Valentina Pinna, the chair and board member of the Vanguard initiative, and the Head of Sector Research, Innovation and Health of the Lombardy region delegation to the EU. Valentina Pinna held bilateral meetings with the representatives of the Slovenian Strategic Research and Innovation Partnerships or SRIPs on the topic of activities within the Greenomed project and the Vanguard initiative. The meetings produced some great ideas for the future inclusion and participation of Slovenian stakeholders and strategic partnerships.