Implementation of one-on-one mentoring

Each entrepreneurial team participating in the one-on-one mentoring programme is entitled to select two mentors from the list of more than 150 top entrepreneurial experts for each meeting, while one shall be assigned to the team at random, as selected by the organising team. A 30-minute mentoring meeting is held with each of the selected and assigned mentors per entrepreneurial team. Before mentoring begins, the organisers provide the relevant documents to the selected mentors, the mentoring instructions and expectations, as well as the problem the entrepreneur needs to crack.

This allows the mentor to focus on the start-up and provide as much added value as possible. During the duration of the Go Global 1 : 1 mentoring programme, the mentor is also available to the entrepreneurial team for face-to-face meetings, e-mail and telephone counselling, as agreed.

One-on-one programme mentoring:

  • transfer of know-how, experience and best practice
  • answers to specific questions and solutions to real-life problems
  • review of the drafted strategies and other documents
  • constant suggestions for improvements
  • one-on-one work and implementation counselling
  • option to call the mentor at the agreed times
  • preparing recommended literature
  • providing guidance and connections to industry experts
  • coordinating teamwork