One-on-one mentoring programme

In addition to systematic mentoring through the whole programme, one-on-one mentoring is also extremely important for entrepreneurs. In early phases, start-ups needs the expert advice of their mentors, who are experts in various niche areas.

Thus the intensive entrepreneur and mentor networking programme is an important part of the Go:Global Slovenia programme, which aims to allow entrepreneurs and mentors to meet and discuss in depth cooperation. The Go:Global Slovenia mentoring programme includes more than 150 select Slovenian (and some foreign) mentors. As part of the so-called one-on-one mentoring (1: 1), mentors help programme participants resolve specific problems.

The aim of such a mentoring programme is for mentors with select expert knowledge to help entrepreneurs resolve specific problems. Several events are organised at which each entrepreneurial team meets its selected mentors and benefits from one-on-one counselling.

Building an entrepreneurial community is also an important part of the mentoring programme. Read more about our community here. The mentors, counsellors, other stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and of course the entrepreneurs that participate in the Go:Global Slovenia programme are actively encouraged to socialise and share experiences, while we also organise various events, informal meetings, excursions and so forth.