Participant testimonials

Meeting with our mentor was most certainly useful as we obtained new critical views on our new company and expert information from various areas. The meeting was organised very well. Thumbs up!
Robert, MKP TEKS, d. o. o.

I believe such events are incredibly useful. First I thought I should only meet mentors working in similar areas as us. However, in the end I got some great advice from mentors working in completely other areas. Obviously, an outside view can also be very important. In addition, I was very pleased to obtain confirmation of our thoughts concerning market presence, marketing and other business decisions. I wish there were more such events as they fill me with energy which is incredibly important in these uncertain times for any start-up.
Aleš Hribar

It is without a doubt priceless to receive the opinion and advice from experienced entrepreneurs. It was especially interesting and useful to hear the various opinions and proposed solutions for our problems. The meeting filled us with positive energy and motivation for continuing our work.
Živana Žerjal, U2G, d. o. o.

First I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all on both of ours sake. This was the first time I attended such an event and I was very positively surprised. We received a lot of useful information, motivation and also constructive criticism. The whole event took place in a very relaxing atmosphere, which contributed to the presenting and defending of our visions, aims and ideas. I am very thankful to all the mentors I spoke to. They provided me with new insights. I have no complaints whatsoever.
Jure Ponikvar

I am very thankful to the mentors, especially for their critical questions, as it is better to sweat at such an event rather than in front of a panel of investors. The mentors opened our eyes. We need to think a few more things out, although we thought we knew everything. Thanks of course to the organisers who allowed us to meet mentors we would otherwise meet only with difficulty.
Miha Merlak, Safe Cover, d. o. o.

The event was very interesting. The conversations were varied. Two discussions gave me incredible new insights. We also received much encouragement for the plans we have made.
Nejc Šarabon, S2P, d. o. o.

In the discussions held at the mentoring day, key issues were once again stressed. However, we also obtained some very specific ideas in response to the challenges we are facing, which we will be able to immediately include in the processes and activities we aim to use to develop our company. Very useful.
Jožica Kržič