Types of mentors

The Go:Global mentors live for entrepreneurship and technology and have practical experience, as their CVs attest. We believe that only entrepreneurs and experienced businesspeople and technologists can be mentors who help other entrepreneurs. Thus we carefully select all mentors and only work with the best.

We do not work with people who only have textbook knowledge or who have a negative energy. We only work with those that understand that entrepreneurship is a lifestyle and are obsessed with building new innovative products. You will find no average Joe's among our mentors.

We work with three types of mentors:

BUSINESS ROCKSTARS – business rockstars provide support to selected start-ups as part of the one-on-one (1: 1) mentoring programme in areas of creating and developing all business aspects of the company, marketing strategies, company structure, access to foreign markets, introduction of processes, as well as provide help with all financial, legal, operational and other aspects of doing business. Our mentors can answer any question you may have relating to company management.

Business rockstars include successful entrepreneurs, company directors and board members, "start-up addicts", marketing experts, salespersons, financiers and financial counsellors.

TECHNOLOGY GEEKS – as business rockstars can help develop your company's business, technology geeks can help you organise your company's research & development and technical aspects. As part of the one-on-one (1 : 1) mentoring programme, technology geeks help organise the company's development department, develop research & development processes, provide feedback on an idea's or technology's potential, and provide their own specific technology solutions.

Technology geeks include engineers and technologists, scientists, industry experts, technology directors and technology enthusiasts.

ENTREPRENEURIAL COUNSELLORS – the third type of mentors are tested entrepreneurial counsellors which must have relevant experience and references. They do not take part in the programme with a view of marketing their services. In addition to counsellors specialised in entrepreneurship, some mentors are also specialists and experts in various "soft" entrepreneurial areas such as intellectual property, psychology of the entrepreneur, public appearances, team work, etc.