Inclusion in foreign accelerators

In recent years, so-called entrepreneurial accelerators have appeared on the global market, which provide entrepreneurial groups with access to global markets as well as additional equity. These accelerators have become an important tool used by Slovenian start-ups expanding to foreign markets. Slovenian teams can access the US market through US-based accelerators such as Y Combinator and TechStars, while the UK and Latin American markets can be accessed through the Wayra accelerator in London. Many Slovenian start-ups such as Zemanta, 2nd Sight and Zeppelin began their global operations this way.

Being invited to join a global accelerator is no easy task, as the best usually admit only a few percent of applicants, usually selecting a few tens of companies out of several thousand applicants. As a result, entrepreneurs should carefully draft their applications to join, which is part of the Go:Global programme.

Application programme

The application assistance programme is a specialised event aimed at all entrepreneurs helping them successfully apply to the globally most recognised entrepreneurial accelerators. The aim of the programme is to provide entrepreneurs comprehensive assistance in applying to join foreign accelerators and guide them through drafting their application, developing their idea and providing mentoring.

One of the key features of the accelerator application programme is that assistance and mentoring is only provided by entrepreneurs who have already been invited to join one of the global entrepreneurial accelerators. This allows them to provide first-hand useful advice allowing new generations of entrepreneurs to draft optimal applications.

The application programme focuses on the globally most recognised accelerators such as Y Combinator, Seedcamp, TechStars, 500 startups and Wayra where some Slovenian entrepreneurs have already been invited to, allowing them to pass their experience on to new generations.

Each of these accelerators has defined application deadlines. At least one month before the deadline an introductory workshop is organised where the mentor will present the accelerator, his or her personal experience and the key parts of the application hopeful entrepreneurs should focus on. This introductory workshop takes one hour.

Based on the introductory workshop, participants can decide to take part in the mentoring day, which is organised approximately one week later. This full-day event brings together a small group of between 5 to 10 participants, who the mentor will help draft the relevant applications. Any entrepreneur wishing to join the mentoring day must have already drafted their application. If that application is especially poor, the mentor may even reject such a participant.

If needed, one-on-one mentoring meetings are organised for those entrepreneurs that show their commitment and hard-working nature at the mentoring day. See calendar for upcoming events.