List of accelerators

Seedcamp is one of the largest global providers of seed capital and the leading provider of micro investments and mentoring programmes in Europe. Their beginnings go back to 2007, and as a result they now bring together nearly 90 of Europe's most promising start-ups. Seedcamp has the support of an excellent team and group of investors, who are very active and invest in approximately 20 start-ups a year. They offer companies seed capital, a three-month lease of offices at Google Campus in London, weekly meetings with the SeedCamp team, a four-week mentoring tour of the USA and other services worth EUR 150,000.

  • Website:
  • Location: Mini Seedcamp events throughout Europe, Seedcamp events in London and Berlin
  • Investment amount: EUR 50,000 or EUR 25,000
  • Requested company stake 8–10% or 5%
  • Application dates: 19 September 2014 in Ljubljana, 2 October 2014 in Lisbon

Y Combinator – Y Combinator provides seed capital and allows the more rapid development of start-up companies. Twice a year they invest small amounts (between USD 14,000 and USD 20,000) in a large number of start-ups. These companies move to the Silicon Valley for three months where they work intensively on getting the company into shape and perfecting their pitch. At the demo day, they pitch their business ideas to a large audience of entrepreneurs and investors. Then the Y Combinator Alumni network helps the company in its further development. Since 2005 they have invested in more than 550 start-ups.

  • Website:
  • Location: Mountain View, California, USA
  • Investment amount: up to USD 20,000
  • Requested company stake 2–10%
  • Application dates: 14 October 2014

TechStars – Techstars provides seed capital from over 75 of the best venture capital funds, as well as intensive mentoring of one hundred of the world's best entrepreneurs. They are very picky. Although many hundred companies apply every year, they only invest in 10 start-ups per location. They offer seven Techstars programmes at the best start-up locations (Boston, Boulder, Chicago, New York, Seattle, London and the San Antonio cloud). They also offer a three-month top intensive mentoring programme and the opportunity to pitch your company to investors upon programme conclusion.

  • Website:
  • Location: Boston, Boulder, Chicago, New York City, Seattle, London and the San Antonio cloud
  • Investment amount: up to USD 118,000
  • Requested company stake: no data available
  • Application dates: /

Springboard – Techstars London – Springboard brings together investment equity and an intensive 13-week mentoring programme aimed at accelerating the development of start-up companies. It is aimed at ambitious and flexible companies in the early stages of development. In addition to fantastic offices, Springboard provides seed capital, over USD 150,000 of free services, and, most importantly, the support of more than 100 experienced entrepreneurs and investors in the whole programme, and access to a broad network of mentors and partners. The programme ends with an Investor Day where teams pitch their companies to business angels and VCs.

  • Website:
  • Location: Google Campus London
  • Investment amount: GPB 5,000 per founder
  • Requested company stake 6%
  • Application dates: /

500 startups – 500 startups provides young companies with USD 250,000 of funds, a start-up mentoring programme and participation at special events such as SmashSummit, UnSexy and GeeksOnaPlane. They have several hundred experienced mentors all over the globe and represent a creative environment in the heart of the Silicon Valley and a lively community, which includes more than 500. Become a part of the 500 family and gain access to an incredible community of mentors, counsellors, entrepreneurs and other geeks.

  • Website:
  • Location: Silicon Valley
  • Investment amount: between USD 25,000 and USD 250,000
  • Requested company stake: no data available
  • Application dates: /

Wayra – Wayra is one of the main global ICT accelerators. If your company is invited to join the Wayra accelerator, you will receive up to EUR 50,000 over six months, depending on the assessment of the project, the level of maturity and your needs. After this initial stage, Wayra works with the best selected projects and helps them acquire private and public funding (donations, grants, etc.).

  • Website:
  • Location: South America and London, Prague, München, Dublin, Barcelona, Madrid
  • Investment amount: EUR 50,000
  • Requested company stake: no data available
  • Application dates: 23 February 2014

LAUNCHub is a US seed capital fund supporting the most attractive entrepreneurial ideas relating to digital technologies in southern and eastern Europe.

LAUNCHub provides investments up to the amount of EUR 200,000. The fund provides support and mentoring to start-ups, allowing entrepreneurs to rapidly grow and develop their businesses. They focus on companies that have already developed their concept, have the team in place and are close to completing their prototype. Since July 2013, LAUNCHub has invested in 26 companies from five countries in the region.

The StartUp Sauna accelerator provides a three-month programme focusing on the pitch and linking start-ups to a community of top counsellors and mentors. At the end, the best get a chance to pitch their business ideas to investors at the Investor's Demo Day.

  • Location: Helsinki, Finland
  • Investment amount: /
  • Website:
  • Application dates: 30 September 2014; the programme duration is between 20 October and 19 November 2014

StartLabs Acceleration provides capital and mentoring to excellent entrepreneurial teams and helps transfer ideas to rapidly growing companies. They are constantly on the lookout for the most attractive high-tech startups. Their aim is to build a bridge between high-tech start-ups in the region and the markets, experts and investors located in the Silicon Valley.

  • Location: Belgrade, Serbia, San Francisco
  • Investment amount: up to EUR 50,000
  • Website:
  • Application dates: any time